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Death in Sakkara
BBC History
Educational Adventure Game

Project Information

An interactive narrative that accompanied a BBC television series about ancient Egypt. The game follows a journalist drawn into intrigue and danger as he searches for a missing friend and is presented in the style of a pulp-fiction comic-book of the era. Games and puzzles along the way push the player through a Indiana Jones-inspired story, packed full of surprises and plot twists, developed and scripted in conjunction with the BBC Factual and Learning team and Egyptology experts.

An interactive journal fills with the adventurer's thoughts and observations as the player progresses, quickly becoming a compendium of Egyptology, yielding vital clues critical to success, as well as background information on items and events encountered along the way. Using this and their guile the player must see the quest through to its grisly conclusion.

Project Recognition

New Media Age Winner
Flash Forward Winner
LIA Awards Finalist
BIMA Finalist
SXSW Finalist
D&AD In-book Status
Creative Review In-book Status

Production Team

Creative Director, Rob Corradi
Technical Director, Andy Beaumont
Art Director, Phil Stuart
Developer, Richard Miles
Producer, Emma Lobb
Illustration, Joe Berger
Sound & Music, Pendle Poucher