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Children's BBC
360° Games Community

Project Information

Level-UP! was CBBC's first 360° project and largest commission to-date. The BAFTA-winning website facilitated daily interactions between the show and site via features such as gaming, creative UGC tools, visual messaging and polls, with regular players earning points which could be used to purchase a range of items and upgrades.

Key to personalisation was an avatar designer within a virtual PDA. Kids could customise these to suit their personality and as well as use the PDA to keep track of their currency, virtual goods, activities and friends.

With the TV show and site developed concurrently, many features designed for online were adopted by broadcast. This ensured an important synergy between the two that was key to guaranteeing the success of both.

Project Recognition

BAFTA Winner
International Emmy Finalist
BIMA Finalist
YDAwards Finalist

Production Team

Creative Director, Rob Corradi
Technical Director, Andy Beaumont
Art Director, Rob Coradi
Design, Robert Kerr / J. McReynolds
Hub and Tools Dev, Andy Beaumont
Games Dev, Richard Miles
Producer, Emma Lobb
Illustration, Stuart Harrison