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MTV Europe / Staying Alive
Point and Click Game

Play MTV:me

Project Information

MTV were looking to commission a digital piece tackling the challenges that growing teenagers face. We responded with a point-and-click game with a visual look that tied into their on-air spots.

Set across four locations on the eve of a blind-date, the player pushes the story forward by over-coming hurdles to a safe night out. As they do, a virtual PDA fills with information on the issues they overcome along the way, which can they read in-situ or print as a booklet to be read be later.

Project Recognition

W3 Awards Gold (Youth)
W3 Awards Gold (Educational)
BIMA Finalist (Education)
Webbys Honoree (Youth)
FWA - Site of the Day

Production Team

Creative Director, Rob Corradi
Technical Director, Andy Beaumont
Art Director, Rob Coradi
Designer, Jonny Annal
Developer, Henry Cooke
Producer, Adam McNicholl