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Spooks GRID Ops
BBC Drama & Entertainmnet
Suite of 11 Games

Project Information

Play is focussed around the use of applications at your terminal at the G.R.I.D, the centre of MI5 counter-terrorism operations. Actor Peter Firth reprised his role as head of operations Harry Pearce, providing a branching the narrative we created for our experience. 'Quick' and 'Story' modes determine how immersed in the narrative you are, with those choosing story being rewarded with extra missions.

During play the game measures your accuracy, logic skills and response times on all tasks. This data is then used to build a profile of your abilities, predicting which tasks they will excel in or perform poorly at, and delivering appropriate video of Harry before you begin each op.

Project Recognition

BIMA, Winner
BAFTA, Finalist
New Media Age, Finalist
Webby, Finalist
Flash Forward, Finalist
LIA Awards, Finalist
SXSW, Finalist
Design Week, Finalist
D&AD In-book Status
Creative Review Annual In-book

Production Team

Creative Director, Rob Corradi
Technical Director, Andy Beaumont
Design, Chris Randall & Rob Corradi
Games Developer, Richard Miles
G.R.I.D. Developer, Andy Beaumont
Producer, Garry Samett
3D Modeling, Dove Studios
Sound Design, Nigel Harris